Chacha Wavy – Money is Affection

Chacha Wavy – Money is Affection

Nigerian music act, Chacha Wavy makes a major splash with her latest single, “Money is Affection.”

Chacha Wavy is the stage name of Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer, Pearl Nmah Jonathan. The pseudonym was derived from a character she played during her time as an actress. Embracing the enigmatic title, she took it on just as her music career began, with the release of her single “MOON” in February, last year.

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Chacha Wavy’s unique blend of Afrobeats-infused RnB is on full display with her latest musical release, “Money is Affection.” Produced by the renowned Sigag Lauren, the track delves into the nuanced relationship between money and affection, offering a captivating and thought-provoking musical experience. It’s a song that will probably leave the listener with more questions than answers, as we seek to understand the true nature of this connection. Chacha Wavy certainly sees a connection, clearly reflected in the lyrics she penned for the song.

Photo Credit: @wale_lala

As you hit play, smooth electric guitar strums enter the fray, lighting up the soundscape. Faint drums and sharp kicks are further infused, giving it a proper rhythm. Chacha doesn’t mess about and goes straight to the point with the opening lyrics, “Protecting my peace outchea, all I really want money can get.

Despite the materialistic ideology behind the song, there’s a bit of softness and warmth enveloping the record, as a result of the chill and mellow production, an apparent theme of Chacha’s music. Lines such as, “I just wan cruise my friends, make my mama feel like all is well,” gives us a picture of her intentions, once the money comes.

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For all of Chacha’s potential suitors, she lets them understand her present predicament with the phrase, “no be love I go chop, no be love I go take dey flex.” For those with the intention of dating her, they’ll certainly need to come with heavy pockets, as love is not what she’s exactly looking for.

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Money is Affection” comes across not only as a cry for help, but more importantly, a cry for money. “Gimme money gimme money, na money I Dey find,” is probably the strongest line in the song that proves this. Listeners might see the track through a distorted lens, but there’s actually a bit of truth to what she’s preaching on “Money is Affection.

Overall, the track is a fun piece with a slow burning energy to it, due to its calm and serene aura. Chacha Wavy’s latest single gives us a real glimpse into her current headspace, and what she’s solely focused on; money.


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