Dahrib – Jaruma

Dahrib – Jaruma

Introducing one of Nigeria’s phenomenal rising music acts, Dahrib

Adewumi Ibrahim Oluwadarasimi, is an emerging singer, professionally known as Dahrib. His musical journey swiftly began in childhood, inspired by famous stars such as Michael Jackson and the Nigerian twin duo, P-Square. Currently a 300-level student of Human Kinetics at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, he effortlessly balances his ongoing education and strong dedication to music, fueled by an innate passion to refine his craft.

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Despite his parents’ initial reservations towards Dahrib’s venture into music, they soon came around, accepting and eventually supporting his passion. Now, with the backing of his family, Dahrib is ready to shine in the music industry with his unique sound and vocal delivery, at the centre of his impressive gift. Drawing inspiration from artistes like Billie Eilish, Dahrib has created a track that sonically embodies joy, lust and escapism.

Jaruma” is the first track listed on Dahrib’s recently released six-track debut EP, “Taking Over.” The song is about appreciating the moment, leaving worries behind, and just having fun, while taking a step back from the gravitas of romance. “Jaruma” is purely an Afrobeats anthem, with the melody, rhythm and production doing well to move listeners to the dance floor. With each line, Dahrib invites his audience to take a moment and let the music and lyrics marinate, allowing them to become an integral part of entire composition.

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The craftsmanship behind the sound elevates the song to new heights, pushing boundaries and creating a sonic landscape that is as rich and diverse as Dahrib’s talent. On the track, he emphasizes the importance of self-worth, conveying a message that revolves around taking control of one’s life and choosing freedom, fun, joy and happiness, over toxic relationships or circumstances, while inspiring others to do the same. “Jaruma” is a breath of fresh air and a positive highlight on the brand new project.

The EP is just the beginning of Dahrib’s musical journey, marking a new chapter in his career that promises to catapult him to even greater heights. With “Jaruma” as a key component of the project, Dahrib is ready to conquer the world, armed with an unwavering spirit and unshakeable determination. Allow the track to wash over you, and immerse yourself in the evolution of an artiste, who is destined for greatness.









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