G’aza X Zilla Oaks – Hold Up

G’aza X Zilla Oaks – Hold Up

Emerging act, G’aza resurfaces with Zilla Oaks for the END SARS centered anthem, “Hold Up.”

Rising Nigerian act, G’aza, born Abdulkabir Mohammed is a young and independent multi-genre creative, from Surulere, Lagos state. Raised by a Hausa father and a Yoruba mother, he immersed himself in music through dance at a tender age, familiarizing with rhythms and flows, as well as winning dance competitions at parties. Professionally, G’aza made a big splash with this debut EP, “SCATTERBRAINED,” which was released last year, establishing himself as an artiste with a knack for genre fusing, meditative storytelling and addictive melodies.


Artistically, he draws inspiration from musical legends like 2face Idibia, Vector, Jesse Jagz and Wizkid. Under Mo Management, the budding act prides “AFROFUTURISM” as his main genre of music. His creative process values spontaneity, fluidity and organic inspiration, aiming to tell stories with a sonic feel, creating an enticing listening experience.

Back in the studio after previous releases like SABI DEM (I’M TRYING), P4W and FLU, G’aza is eager to share his latest release, “HOLD UP,” featuring Zilla Oaks. The new release highlights the dark times faced by Nigerians during the END SARS protest, as well as the Lekki Massacre that took place on October 20, 2020. With conscious efforts taken before its release, the song reflects G’aza’s contribution to the movement irrespective of his physical distance. He teams up with the gifted Zilla Oaks, as he proves his allegiance to the movement that sought to limit Nigeria’s freedom of speech.

With a runtime of 2 minutes 41 seconds, “Hold Up” begins with morphed but slick electric guitar chords dominating a dark and eerie soundscape. The production transforms into a trap-like beat, as soon as G’aza’s vocals enter the musical space. His charismatic aura is promptly perceived through the tone and maturity behind his effective delivery. He begins with the chorus, seemingly seeking permission to let loose and go hard on the track. G’aza’s verse has a slow build up, as the budding star attempts to come to grips with the speed and pacing of the production. He soon takes proper control of the situation and ends up delivering a pretty solid verse, rounding off with a message for his country and fellow citizens.


Zilla Oaks comes in for the second verse with a shorter stint, adding fuel to the fire ignited by G’aza. He takes a more personal route of expression, moving away from the struggles of his country and choosing to hype himself on the record. This makes for a less impactful delivery and experience, resulting in a basic offering from the highly rated hip-hop star. Fortunately, due to its brevity, Zilla Oaks’ verse doesn’t significantly hamper the single as a whole.

The core meaning behind “Hold Up” as a song, seems to be lost in translation. It’s supposedly meant to be an ode to a difficult period in the history of Nigeria, but its lyricism is heavily immersed in the banality of most hip-hop tracks one could hear on the radio. The single briefly highlights the troubles that plagued and continue to plague the nation, yet ultimately falls short of making a profound impression. “Hold Up” is certainly not an awful record, but considering the talent both artistes possess, they could have definitely brought more to the table.







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