Gen Uru – Worthy

Gen Uru – Worthy

Gen Uru is a compilation project highlighting the musical heritage inherent in the South East and South South region of the country, Nigeria.

Gen Uru is made up of several artistes and producers originating from the South-Eastern and South-Southern regions of the country, Nigeria. Their mission for this album is to rewrite the narrative for the music emanating from the South East and South South, as a collective unit.

The artistes featured on the project include; AcetuneIkpa Udo, KolaBoy, IféDandizzy, JeriqRudeboyZanivibes, KodopearlIfex G, and Sparkle Tee. Renowned rapper, IllBliss, served as the creative director, with producers such as MajorBangzSkitter, Barmy Aje, and KezyKlef, leaving their marks on the tracks as well.

The fresh album, “Worthy” is an enchanting musical opus that transcends melodies, to redefine the very notion of worthiness. With 12 tracks to boot, the compilation effortlessly blends traditional and contemporary sounds, capturing the very essence of the region’s musical heritage, while conveying universal themes of empowerment and self-worth. The creatives involved infused their artistic essence into each track, crafting a narrative that reflects the spirit of the Eastern and Southern regions of Nigeria.

Right from the introductory track, “Hit,” the energy flowing through the entire album can easily be perceived. Heavy bass drums, spare lushes of trumpets, highlife shakers gives it an instant edge. The artistes featured, Acetune, Ifé, Ikpa Udo and Ifex G, make an amazing display of matching up with the energy of the production. Ifé handles the track incredibly well, with her approach to the hook, whose message of self assuredness and validation rightly complements the manner of its execution. The dynamism across the board deserves an honorable mention, serving the track extremely well. The indigenous Igbo dialect comes through, elevating this piece in such a way, that you can hardly find a flaw in it. A five-star song and certainly, one of the best pieces on the album.

MajorBangz helms production on “Wait“. It’s heavy, but the bounce is Caribbean in flavor with Reggae-like feels attached to it. The journey seems like it’s about to begin properly after a thrilling opener, and when the full production comes on, it takes over instantly without drop-off. Acetune, Zanivibes and KolaBoy combine well on this one, with each artiste finding good pockets of spaces to express themselves properly and effectively.

Amapiano is given a new feel on “Sure Banker,” when fused with traditional rhythms from the South. There is a sense of originality on this track, giving it an enviable edge, when compared to other songs on the record. MajorBangz keeps things tidy with the log drums, while Zani has another impressive outing once again. KolaBoy and DanDizzy truly deliver on this one, but Zani’s verse stands out, as she lights up the hook with her soulful vocals, giving a pleasant experience to listeners. “Sure Banker” is a major positive highlight on the project. From the production to the verses and the chorus, it’s a straight up banger and could easily be seen as the best track on the album.

Traditional Highlife music from the East is reignited on “Sure Odd.” From the intro, the direction is absolutely lovely, getting you hooked instantly. It’s strictly Eastern in its overall rendition, the drums, the bounce, the shakers and the crowded vocals uniformly aligning for a pleasurable combination. It’s nearly 4 minutes long, but you won’t feel an inch of its longevity, because you’ll most likely be busy grooving to the beat. KolaBoy and Kodopearl perform their parts admirably, bringing the song to life with undeniable talent, backed by a superb production. “Sure Odd” is another top tune from the project and all the creatives involved should certainly be proud of this one.

Sogbulema” is the fifth track and remains within the Highlife waters, despite being more stripped back than its predecessor. It’s interesting to see Kodopearl on this track again, as he brings an important uniqueness to the mix just like on “Sure Odd.” He’s supported by Ifex G and Ikpa Udo on this piece. Although, “Sure Odd” is superior, this is a worthy follow-up; it excels in its basics and keeps things running smoothly, acting as another solid addition to the compilation.

Highlife has so many facets and it’s easily malleable into different forms. We are presented with another dimension of Highlife music on “Uru Dia,” which means “there is real worth within.” There’s a gentleness to this track— it’s groovy, but in a calm manner. Acetune dominates the song, but Ifé should honestly have had more time on the track. Her vocals bring a different dimension on every track she’s featured on when compared to the other artistes. Ifex G also played his part well, balancing the energy dissipated from the other acts on the song. “Uru Dia” doesn’t disappoint though, coming off as another great composition on the “Worthy” album.

It’s been all about captivating rhythms and moving instrumentation since the first track, till “Chop Chop” comes on. This song takes another dimension with its 00’s vibe. It is pure and unfiltered with great deliveries from Acetune, Ifex G, KolaBoy, as well as Sparkle Tee, marking his entry on the project. The fascination with Eastern frequencies is solidly backed on this track, and while little effort is focused on the lyrics – as it’s driven by the melodies and the production – its message is quite clear.

Track 8, “Awawa” meaning “open” in English, is a break from the Highlife music, which has been the sonic direction and dominant force of the project thus far. Versatility is on display here with featured acts, such as DanDizzy, Ikpa Udo, KolaBoy and Ifex G, as they each showcase incredible ability to hold their own on a track, that seemingly feels like the survival of the fittest. “Awawa” is sort of a mix of trap and rap music, stemming from the underlying production on display. It is a stern departure from the soundscapes on the previous tracks, making it stand out when examined in contrast to the other songs. Conclusively, it works, supplying a distinct presentation, and assisting in refreshing the listening experience.

One-half of the famed Nigerian music duo, P-Square, joins in for “Oshimmiri,” as Rudeboy takes center stage on this one. The title of the song means “river” in English and is a mid-tempo, slow-burner. It’s a piece that is totally immersed in traditional and undiluted African rhythms. Emphasis is placed on the phrase from the song, “Oshimmiri, wash my scars away.” Despite how catchy it is, there is an air of desperation to be set free on this particular composition, a quiet plea to be able to flee from all the troubles that life has sent one’s way. The track also features Sparkle Tee and Ifé, who shines once again with her exquisite delivery. She constantly seems to keep rewarding expectations with unmatched and flawless dispensation. Needless to say, the female acts truly brought their A-game on this project. There is a total withdrawal from the feel-good nature of the earlier songs, as the creatives opt for a deep and somber tone, adding a new layer to the album. It’s a solid take, making its mark as a strong musical effort, for all parties involved.

Party bops are an inevitable inclusion when creating an Afro-centered project, and track 10, “Kosa” certainly satisfies that particular criterion for this project. The song which features Zanivibes and KolaBoy, comes off as one of the tracks that will surely get people moving to the dance floor. It’s Amapiano with a commercial appeal in mind, and may just succeed as the most mainstream export from the compilation. Zani is the biggest winner here, as listeners can truly assess her talent with her performance on this track, seeing as she takes control of the chorus, while also having a verse to herself. She certainly doesn’t disappoint though, and ends up making “Kosa” a tune out of the top-drawer.

Jeriq stands out as purely the only musical act throughout the entire album to be the sole contributor, vocally, on a song. His genre is majorly Hip-Hop, and he’s seen as one of the top voices with real quality from the South-East and South-South regions of the country. On “Worthy,” the title song of the project, he doesn’t depart from his familiar stylistic background, making for a much needed dose of diversity. Sadly, it fails to fit together. The production is quite impressive, as per usual, but the verses and Jeriq’s entire flow does little to move you. Even with the bouncy drill beat and his fierce delivery, there is an apparent disconnection overall, weakening the track, and presenting it as the most feeble composition on the album. It’s a sudden and unexpected low point on the project.

Emotions are flying all over the place on the final track, “5 & 6,” with Zani spearheading it with her sincere toned confessions on the hook, as both Acetune and DanDizzy do their best to provide support. MajorBangz helms the production on this one, displaying his creative genius and stunning versatility, as he crafts an R&B-centered soundscape perfect for Zani to swoon over. She seems to be capable of producing majestic moments on the tracks she’s featured on, elevating their potential and making them all the more enjoyable. Whether it be singing or rapping, Zani can apparently do it all. From the project, she is certainly one of the strongest acts, confidently owning whatever song she jumps on, concluding as a solid rising star to watch out for.

As an album, “Worthy,” showcases the pure musical heritage of the South-East and South-South, putting a spotlight on all the musical styles unique to those regions of Nigeria. With the gifted artistes involved, it provides a sense of homely comfort, retaining a cultural identity, while amplifying various creatives and promoting the core value of unity. The record easily comes across as one of the best projects of the year, and has created a blueprint for other hopeful acts to follow.


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