J-Weezy – Risk

J-Weezy – Risk

J-Weezy takes a bold risk with new freestyle, “Risk”

J-Weezy, a rising star of Afrobeats and R&B, proves his talent and versatility in the music scene with the release of a studio freestyle titled “Risk.” This bold move showcases his skills in regards to lyricism, while seamlessly blending different genres and weaving a captivating narrative.

Risk” is a love song that delves into the intricate and sometimes, complex terrains of confidence, money and motivation. He takes listeners on a journey through his pursuit of love, revealing his unwavering passion, commitment, determination and willpower. The words paint a picture of his journey to self-assuredness, ultimately leading to the triumph of love.

J-Weezy collaborates with producer, Cyprus Cookbeat to bring “Risk” to life, enriching the soundscape by incorporating captivating guitar melodies by Kuuka. This partnership serves as a platform for J-Weezy to proudly display his artistic growth and songwriting prowess. With mesmerizing guitar strings and an inviting soundscape, the intro of the track is one of the best sections, giving listeners a lot to look forward to.

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He highlights a key component of his outlook towards the world, with the lines, “normally na money dey give man confidence,” meaning men derive a lot of self-worth from having filled pockets. The theme changes from materialism to love, as he begins to show a softer side through his lyricism, pleading to know where he stands, in terms of his current romantic entanglement with his love interest. The production stays true and consistent, never straying too far away from its core, as J-Weezy continues to put in the effort, fighting for the love he so badly craves. He concludes the song, never really knowing his position at the end of the day.

J-Weezy’sRisk” is a testament to his artistic talent and considerable potential. The song’s blend of Afrobeats and R&B, coupled with its relatable themes and catchy melodies, makes it a surefire hit. J-Weezy’s untamed ability to flow across any production ever so seamlessly needs to studied, as it’s one of his strongest traits. The new track sees him at his absolute best and comes across as one of the best singles from the singer’s collection. Continue to keep an eye on J-Weezy, as he is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene.


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