Kemuel – POLO

Kemuel – POLO

Kemuel drops Afro-tinged banger, “POLO” for misunderstood women

From its inception, thatweirdmusic has always been a dedicated platform for amplifying new music from emerging talents across the globe. To this day, it remains steadfast in its commitment by offering itself as a means of fostering cross-cultural work. By showcasing the work of young musicians like Kemuel, thatweirdmusic hopes to continue to work towards contributing further to a more vibrant and interconnected music community.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of global music, fast-rising Nigerian artiste, producer, and songwriter, Kemuel, has carved out a niche that transcends conventional genres. With music woven into his childhood, it was clear from the start that Kemuel would be a force in the scene. At the tender age of 13 he dedicated himself to mastering piano, bass guitar and drums, all while singing in his local church. Kemuel’s journey from those early days to the present, have been marked by collaborations with Nigerian heavyweights like Olamide and DJ Spinall, as well as critical acclaim for his debut EP, which only cemented his position as a rising talent in the game.

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Penned by Kemuel himself, with his producer alter ego, Wondah, at the creative helm, “POLO” is a masterclass in lush synths and bass, expertly crafted to strongly complement his infectious vocals and intricate wordplay. Inspired by a poignant conversation with a love interest, the track lays bare Kemuel’s soul, as he expresses a longing for genuine connection in a heartfelt and deeply resonant fashion. The track emits positive vibes and purpose, as contagious rhythms and smooth melodies hypnotize listeners to keep hitting the replay button. Playful lines within the song portray Kemuel’s appeal, making “POLO” an addictive sing-along experience.

Photo Credit: mayowa_ovd

Emerging from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Kemuel is a beacon of talent, blending R&B, pop, and Afrobeats to create captivating narratives within his music. His artistry, rooted in Rivers state heritage, transcends mere performance, inviting listeners into a realm of comfort and tranquillity. As we continue to witness the growing career of Kemuel, be sure to eagerly anticipate the future evolution of his musical journey. With his undeniable talent and unique blend of genres, we look forward to seeing how he continues to innovate and attract audiences worldwide. Here’s to the continued growth and success of this promising musician.


Watch our short chat with Kemuel, as he gives us a little backstory behind the song.

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