ÊMIA Unveils Sensational and Captivating Sequel EP “VIDEO CALL: PM”

Brooklyn-based indie-pop sensation, ÊMIA has released her much-anticipated EP, “VIDEO CALL: PM,” the follow-up to her earlier EP “VIDEO CALL: AM.” The brand new musical endeavor takes listeners on a poignant journey through emotions, connection, and the immense power of long-distance creativity. The collection of six tracks, created in collaboration with producer Charlie Kurata, transcends the physical gap between Paris where Charlie is based and New York City where ÊMIA (real name Anh Le) is based. Their enduring creative partnership thrives despite the miles that separate them, facilitated through digital communications such as texts, emails, and, as the title suggests, video calls.

VIDEO CALL: PM” takes a profound dive into a range of poignant themes, taking listeners with a musical journey through the complexities of human emotions. It delves into the power of forgiveness and the renewal of friendships with past lovers, a sentiment many can relate to. ÊMIA’s music navigates a whirlwind of intense crushes and celebrates the unwavering support of best friends, capturing the essence of youthful experiences and the rollercoaster ride that is love. Her introspective and heartfelt lyrics resonate deeply with the audience, forging a genuine connection with the emotions and trials of young adulthood. These themes are beautifully woven into the fabric of the EP, creating a tapestry of relatable stories and emotions. ÊMIA’s ability to channel her own experiences and those of her listeners into her music showcases her artistry as a singer-songwriter and producer, making “VIDEO CALL: PM” an enriching and engaging musical experience.

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The EP features catchy melodies and relatable storytelling, offering a unique glimpse into ÊMIA’s journey of self-discovery and connection through the digital realm. It’s a heartfelt narrative that many can relate to, capturing the essence of growing up and growing apart, while also celebrating the beauty of staying in touch with those who matter the most.

The EP starts off with “brain chemistry”, a catchy track that introduces the EP brilliantly, featuring ÊMIA’s stunning vocals that are set to draw any listener in, and an upbeat backing track filled with guitar rhythms and addicting synths. Blowing listeners away with gorgeous vocal riffs and a flawless falsetto, this indie singer-songwriter really knows how to delve deep within, flood a song with emotion, and connect with the audience.

photo credit: Anh Lee

The collaboration with Marian Carmel, titled “my stupid feelings – DOUBLE,” has a slower production style, really allowing ÊMIA to showcase her incredible vocals whilst also bringing in a dynamic with Marian Carmel that creates waves of harmonies that are strikingly gorgeous. It’s undeniable how faultless this stunning collaboration is, truly giving the air of friendship and connection that these two artistes have; they obviously gelled well when creating this song and the audience can feel that throughout. Add that to the fact that the song is about feelings and emotions just gives this track the perfect edge.

The third track is ”dumb luck” and it’s typical ÊMIA: heightened pop that gets stuck in one’s head, unstoppable lyrics full of positivity and optimism, and flawless vocals that seem absolutely effortless. Her ability to empower her listeners is a part of her talented energy and this song really focuses in on that, allowing us to truly believe that we all have a chance at finding someone and that a bit of dumb luck is all we need. If anything, we honestly believe that this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter is a shining light in the real world and someone we’d all want to be friends with, as it’s always amazing having someone filled with positivity in your life.

photo credit: Anh Lee

With more positive energy from this indie-pop singer-songwriter, “cool like frozen yogurt” is the most heart-warming track on this EP. Lyrically, the song dives into reconnecting as just friends with an old flame or even an ex-partner, and how they’ve both gotten over the hurt and arguments from their past time together. On top of that, they’ve also gotten over the space in between where they weren’t in each other’s lives and now they’re friends again. Everything is cool between them, now, and being in each other’s lives as just friends actually works. The addicting pop number has an upbeat rhythm that matches the energy of the lyrics and ÊMIA’s impeccable vocals.

Track number five of the “VIDEO CALL: PM” EP, is “are we gonna grow apart,” in collaboration with the artiste, Charlie Kurata, who worked with ÊMIA on the entire EP project. This is a stand-out track on the EP as it’s completely stripped back with a gentle beat and ÊMIA’s fierce vocals. It’s a pop ballad that’s honest and emotional, allowing this indie artist to absolutely shine. Charlie’s vocals kick in for the second verse. They match the vibe of the track and convey a contrast to ÊMIA’s stunning voice as he delivers a soft whisper that is soothing and calming, lulling the audience into reflection, coinciding brilliantly with the message of the song, as the lyrics touch upon how friendships can last a lifetime, while others drift apart.

photo credit: Anh Lee

Ending the EP on a high, ÊMIA closes this collection of tracks with “best in me”. This is ÊMIA in her element, an upbeat pop number that unleashes right out the gate, hitting iconic notes that always hook every listener in with a powerful falsetto that really makes this track pop. The lyrics delve into friendship and how the best people in your life see the best in you. It’s an incredible song that makes a statement about how best friends are there for each other, lift up each other, and spread positivity to each other. If anything, this song just reaffirms our belief that ÊMIA is someone we’d love to be friends with.

ÊMIA’s unique sound and ability to evoke deep emotions make her a rising star in the indie-pop scene. With this new EP, she continues to craft music that resonates with her listeners, taking them on an emotional journey that reflects the complexities of life and love in the digital age.

Watch our interview with ÊMIA as she breaks down the ideology behind the EP.

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