Korshi T, Big Spliff & Shady Wise – Never Late

Korshi T, Big Spliff & Shady Wise – Never Late

”Never Late” finds the Ghanaian trio crafting a song for the downhearted, tired, frustrated and spirited dream catchers

Korshi T, born Nathan Tsagli describes his sound as Afro-fusion. Deeply influenced by Hip-Hop/Rap, Highlife and all the rich sounds he was exposed to at a very young age, he has a very diverse catalogue that strongly reflects his roots.

A self-described rhythmic singer/songwriter and rapper, Korshi T finds supreme comfort performing the aforementioned genres. With years of loving music and experimenting with sounds and instruments, he is consistently building a core fan base with highly versatile sounds. Learning how to sing from pure observation, he cites artistes such as; Ed Sheeran, Asa, and Kendrick Lamar as some of the stars that have influenced his style of music over the years.

Korshi T, Photo Credit: ONErpm

Korshi T teams up with Shady Wise and Big Spliff to release the highly anticipated track, “Never Late” which serves as a testament to trio’s exceptional talent and growth as artistes. An enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics mark this latest release as a standout addition to trio’s musical catalog.

Soulful vocals and impeccable songwriting skills effortlessly convey emotions and experiences, that will resonate deeply with listeners. The song, “Never Late” beautifully weaves together the numerous struggles and challenges we go through and occasionally endure, as we proceed in life. It delves into their personal journeys, focusing on resilience, and ultimately, self-love. The track showcases their unwavering spirit, as they climb from uncertainty and failure to newfound confidence.

Big Spliff, Photo Credit: @crayture

Shady Wise and Korshi T deliver inspiring lines in native dialects, showing pride in their roots, choosing to forge ahead despite the numerous setbacks, and in the face of adversity. The song also highlights the theme of liberation and self-empowerment, further encouraging listeners to break free from situations that do not benefit them mentally, spiritually, physically, or in terms of their overall well-being. Over a thoroughly moving soundscape, they emphasize the importance of self-worth and the choice to keep pushing forward in spite of difficult circumstances.

Shady Wise, Photo Credit: ONErpm

Never Late” conveys a message of taking control of one’s life, finding strength and choosing freedom, while inspiring others to do the same. With Big Spliff delivering a magnificent chorus, as well as the melodic components immersed in the production, “Never Late” will be impossible for you to resist. Enjoy the trio’s contagious enthusiasm and captivating magnetism as you immerse yourself in this song.


Korshi T walks us through his creative process, as well as the ideology behind the track. Watch it all below!

Part 1
Part 2

Link to Listen: https://bit.ly/4aSfKNy

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