Wondah & Kemuel – Stay

Wondah & Kemuel – Stay

Kemuel teams up with Wondah to create the perfect heartbreak anthem on “Stay”

Fast emerging musician and producer, Kemuel and Wondah, team up to unleash an emotional Afro-House masterpiece titled “Stay.” With Afrobeats continuously gaining global prominence, anticipate an influx of new musical talent stemming from Africa. This new single from the Nigerian music act, Kemuel, features the remarkable production skills of fellow newcomer Wondah. The talented duo are poised to capture your attention with an irresistibly infectious record that’s destined to become one of your favorite new songs.

Kemuel, Photo Credit: @atny_jon, @gozirimuu

Hailing from the vibrant southern state of Rivers in Nigeria, Kemuel’s music serves as a testament to the city’s eminence. The singer’s cultivated dedication to his craft, which led him to pursue a degree in Fine Art and Design at the University of Port Harcourt, has certainly started to pay off. As a rising act in the music industry, Kemuel is on the cusp of another significant musical milestone with the release of his single, “Stay.”

Photo Credit: @atny_jon, @gozirimuu

The track perfectly encapsulates the raw feeling of lost love and the flagging struggle to hold on, as the realization to let go slowly becomes apparent. It is a shared experience of heartbreak between two gifted creatives. Giving room for relatability to anyone who hears it, the track is bolstered by a sensuous Afro-House production, delivered by the one and only Wondah, with sensational lyrics, moving vocals and eargasmic melodies by Kemuel.

Photo Credit: @atny_jon, @gozirimuu

The song, “Stay,” offers a deeply introspective exploration of human relationships and ultimately, self-discovery. Kemuel does an incredible job of flexing his impressive vocal range, in an effortless yet powerful manner, particularly during the first verse and the pre-chorus. He’s certainly not afraid to talk about his insecurities and feelings, which is what makes the track beautiful in heartbreaking fashion. The song’s hauntingly honest lyrics delve into themes of imperfection, unspoken truths, and the quest for closure, resonating with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

Through heartfelt melodies and an intense but raw emotional delivery, both creatives craft a stirring narrative that reminds us of the struggles that come with romantic relationships. The track will live on, standing as a testament to Kemuel’s innate ability to translate personal experiences into moving and universally relatable art, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys of resilience and growth amidst life’s challenges.


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