Andrew Belle – Pieces

Andrew Belle – Pieces

Andrew Belle’s “Pieces” is a love song for the ages

We often forget artistes are real people. They go into hiding to make a record, release that record and then go on tour for close to two years to promote that record. Somewhere in between all of that craziness, they also try to maintain a normal life, start a family and spend time with their loved ones, all the while trying to keep the connection with their fans alive. It’s certainly a challenge, but indie singer-songwriter Andrew Belle seems to balance it all too well.

Upon hearing Belle, my first thought was, “Someone needs to put this music in a movie.” I guess I wasn’t alone in that suggestion because in the last couple of years, Belle’s work has been featured in a lot of TV shows.

The song Pieces was written by him for his wife after getting married. The track’s production is handled in usual indie-folk fashion with vibrant synths and sleek percussions dominating the instrumentation. The best and most meaningful part of the song is the chorus where he says, “I love you, I love you and all of your pieces.” It’s the ideal song to play for your significant other, reminding them that they are perfect in your own eyes.






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