Aramide – Waiting

Aramide – Waiting

Acclaimed Nigerian singer and songwriter, Aramide returns with “Waiting”

Nigerian singer-songwriter, Aramide, known for her enchanting melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, is back with a soulful love-tinged bop dubbed, “Waiting.” Among the highlights of this new record is Aramide’s signature vocal prowess, with a delivery that enchants listeners from the very first note.

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However, what sets it apart is her unbridled lyricism and her fearless embrace of the theme of vulnerability. Ever an avid performer, Aramide’s music consistently centers on life, love, and issues she’s passionate about. Her musical sound is a fusion of R&B and Afro-Soul, evolving constantly to reflect the times.

On the heartfelt track, “Waiting,” she openly addresses her feelings for a love interest with newfound confidence and self-assuredness. Lyrics such as, “I know you know sey, I dey miss you die,” further expounds this notion, showcasing her firm candor and willingness to express the butterflies she’s feeling.

Aramide’s persona mirrors that of a humble and vibrant soul, energized by a positive vibe that is contagious and captivating. That same energy can be felt through her music. The song, “Waiting,” originated as a simple conversation, which developed into an idea that will ultimately resonate with anyone who has experienced the complexities of a relationship.

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Coming off as a collection of raw, unfiltered thoughts, the track finds Aramide, placing candid lyrics over a magnetic sound that fortifies dynamism, resulting in a single which is easily appealing and ultimately relatable. The production hits you instantly, almost like a welcoming wave, accompanied by a hook that is incredibly catchy. Aramide wastes no time in asserting her presence with a commanding introduction, promoting her solid and secure mindset. The verses exude an undeniable confidence, as she navigates her way through the soundscape, painting vivid pictures of her life and experiences.

With a pulsating beat and seamless fusion of rhythms, Aramide displays her exceptional ability to create music, that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation. “Waiting” becomes a presentation of sheer musical prowess, as she weaves intricate wordplay into an infectious chorus, leaving an indelible mark on listeners. The track underscores Aramide’s knack for creating catchy and memorable tunes that will stay with listeners, long after the music stops.


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