Dumebie – Replay

Dumebie – Replay

”Replay” is a truly happy gem from rising Nigerian artiste, Dumebie

When the world feels just a little too heavy, sometimes the best therapy is a simple happy tune that perfectly encapsulates just what the world could be. Up and coming Nigerian artiste, Dumebie, who also shares a deep passion for economics, seems to be aiming for this particular art form with her infectious and melodious number, ”Replay.”

The track certainly doesn’t disappoint, as it sweeps you away into a blissful daydream. It’s a beautiful pop anthem that sees her silky voice resonating perfectly with the steady and pulsating sound surrounding the positively giddy feeling in the song. The intro is a cheerful buildup to the musical construction kept through the track’s entirety. The instrumental simplicity draws you closer to the lyrics.

Unfastened and exposed, the words bleed with an emotional and almost vulnerable cadence, detailing the singer’s own battles on her road to self-actualization. The mix gathers momentum into the joyous flow of the chorus, pulsing and throbbing in a polished display of rhythmic affection.

”Replay” was apparently conceived while the artist was going through a phase of discovery. She poured out her doubts and fears into the lively and jovial composition. Capturing these searing emotions, not only in the lyrics, but in the song itself, Dumebie manages to create a sound that is honest yet simple to follow.

”Replay” manages to balance a deeply personal rhetoric with an upbeat and buoyant soundscape. The song acts as Dumebie’s manifesto, inspiring self-discovery and the notion of being whoever you want to be.











dareraphael: Hi Dumebie, thanks for jumping on this session with us. First of, how did you get into music and how long have you been an artiste?

Dumebie: I have been a creative since I was a little girl, from ballet to choreography and back up singing. But I started enjoying singing after a particular Christmas performance in church before I went off to secondary school. It stuck with me since then. Hmm! I have been an artiste for about 4 years….at least that’s when I released Replay.

dareraphael: Lovely backstory, but how do you balance your obvious love for music with economics?

Dumebie: Honestly, it’s been tough and it requires a lot of planning and prioritizing. After releasing replay in 2018, I started my masters in 2019 and then released the video. After my masters I started a 9-5 in 2020, to get more acquainted with how economics plays out in the real world. I also released another single that year…Colors! So yeah, something has to give as I take steps in my journey as a Musiconomist. This year, it could be music, next year…economics. The most important thing for me…is that I stick to my goals and enjoy the bittersweet process. Because, it’s not been easy…trust me!

dareraphael: I can tell juggling both your passions won’t be an easy task. Let’s talk about your songs. How many tracks have you released so far and are they available on all music streaming platforms?

Dumebie: I have released two songs and a cover. Replay which is available on all platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud…etc) & Colors is also available on all digital platforms. I did a cover of lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid…that’s available only on audiomack. There is also a video for replay on YouTube.

dareraphael: Billie Eilish & Khalid are top artistes, they did a great job on “Lovely.” We’ll definitely check out the cover! What would you say was the source of inspiration for “Replay?”

Dumebie: The inspiration behind replay!!! This one choke o! Simply put…ME!
I was in a phase of discovery at the time i recorded the song. I just graduated, preparing for NYSC ( National Youth Service Corps) and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. You know the category of individuals who are good at so many things and cannot make up their mind on any? I am in that WhatsApp group! But thank God for the ability to discover myself early. That helped me a lot. This was not even the core, the problem now was that I had such a big dream that was the opposite of everything other people had for me. I graduated with a first class in economics and here I am saying I want to do music. Not just that, to be both an artist and a development economist. It was too bizarre and sounded like misplaced priorities. Or maybe too big for any mundane mind to comprehend. Truthfully, the process brought a lot of doubts and fear about what I knew God had placed in my heart. It was a tough road…which birthed Replay! In the song, I was telling myself and anyone in that phase or anyone entering that phase that their dreams are valid. Telling myself/them to wake up from within and conquer. The chorus is like a meditation for me. Most importantly, I want to appreciate major song writer and producer of the song @mayomuziq. He was able to put all my ideas and feelings in a hip, pop and melodious way. I wrote like two lines in the song…but hey! It was my first attempt…so I tried.

dareraphael: Love the little shoutout to @mayomuziq! Do you have any EPs or LPs you’re working on?

Dumebie: Yes I do! I have some projects I am working on and I can’t wait to share them soon.

dareraphael: Awesome! We can’t wait to hear them! But as an upcoming artiste, how do you view the current scope of the music industry in Nigeria?

Dumebie: I think the music industry in Nigeria is currently evolving. There are new acts adding color and spice to Afrobeats and basically new artistes defining their terrain. It’s more interesting to me that different genres are becoming increasingly accepted by young Nigerians. Also, there is now more awareness on issues of publishing, copyright, intellectual property. I am glad because I am a part of this process.

dareraphael: I totally agree, the Nigerian music industry is evolving rapidly and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Now that you’re part of the ever-morphing Nigerian music scene, what would you hope to achieve with your music?

Dumebie: Scientifically, it’s been proven that the songs/messages you listen too have a lot to do with your mood. It even goes as far as registering in your subconscious mind. Because I know how instrumental digesting good content is for the mind of anyone who listens to it..my goal with music is too keep people happy. Always full of love and away from negative emotions. I want my music to be soothing and the go to for anyone who just wants to be happy. Not to say bad times won’t come, but my music can be solace in those times. In summary, I look forward to making the lives of people better through music. Interestingly, the goal is the same as a development economist. That’s why I call myself a MUSICONOMIST.

dareraphael: I really like the title “MUSICONOMIST,” very catchy. Finally, do you have any personal dreams you would love to achieve?

Dumebie: Yes I do! A lot of them actually. From my PhD to winning a Grammy to philanthropy, there’s quite a number of dreams I have. The most important being…an impactful life! I want to be remembered for good globally!

dareraphael: I’m sure you will! Dumebie, it’s been a pleasure. Looking forward to all your projects. Thanks again for your time!

“Replay,” is available on all platforms! Be sure to stream, download and watch the video as well.

Follow Dumebie on Twitter & IG: @themusiconomist

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