LANY – heart won’t let me

LANY – heart won’t let me

LANY releases delicate tune “heart won’t let me”

Cast across synths and soft, dream-like vocals, “heart won’t let me, appears on the American trio’s third album, “Mama’s Boy.” The track is poignant and like most of their compositions, contains an element of mystery.

On “heart won’t let me,” LANY focuses on the push-pull dynamic of relationships and heartbreak, including the unimaginable effort it takes to wrestle against our own emotions. LANY adds a whole lot of love into the mix, with the lyrics conveying more authenticity than some of their previous releases.

The song opens up with catchy ethereal synths, that merges with the guitar and drum sections, pushing the song forward. One of LANY’s greatest strengths is their ability to say the unsaid in their lyrics. Most of these thoughts never surface in real life, but LANY has clearly pulled them out of their minds for our listening pleasure.

The track exemplifies a process of piecing together those complex lines and synthesizing them into a song that packs a heavy punch for the listeners. Mixed with their brutal honesty, is a sense of poetic beauty and diverse content that can’t help but put you in the song.

“heart won’t let me” is a story of love with all the confusion, beauty, work, sadness and rawness that comes with being in a relationship or trying to keep one together.







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