Kayla DiVenere – Small Talk

Kayla DiVenere – Small Talk

Kayla DiVenere shares a story of a secret crush with “Small Talk”

Regardless of what some may say, “small talk” is an art: the intricacies of conversation, trying to make something magical out of the banal, exhausting oneself for unpromised rewards. But art, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and singer-songwriter Kayla DiVenere has grown tired of these small gestures.

Photo Credit: Lili Skyler

The L.A based music act openly ridicules the practice of idle conversation on her latest release, “Small Talk,” pleading instead for grand acts of desire. Nothing short of a classic romantic-comedy scene will do, a boombox outside of her window and all. It’s an endlessly-imaginative scene, and “Small Talk” is an endlessly-listenable song.

Photo Credit: Lili Skyler

Conveying young love through a vintage lens, her newest effort balances a modern pop sound with a quintessential coming-of-age love story. Kayla DiVenere has established herself as an artiste across mediums. She also boasts talents as an actress, model and multi-instrumentalist, and is well-rounded in all aspects of her artistry. Not only is she a rising alt-pop star, but Kayla is also a very clever storyteller.

Photo Credit: Lili Skyler

At only 20 years old, the fast-rising talent has had great success with previous singles, “Date Myself” and “Jumping the Gun.” Kayla is her truest self on “Small Talk,” as she tells a vulnerable story from her life. After developing a crush on her brother’s best friend, she was eventually inspired to confess her feelings in a way she knew best – through songwriting.

Photo Credit: Lili Skyler

Her new single, “Small Talk” is an incredibly raw track, describing her secret crush, backed by minimalistic, yet vibrant production. The song offers up the signature sound that fans have grown to love from Kayla, as the soft and subtle lyrics combined with the head bopping backing track, will have you reaching for the repeat button in a heartbeat. “Small Talk” is the perfect description of needing deeper communication with someone to get to know them better, but keeping it to yourself.

Photo Credit: Lili Skyler

In as varied of a pop landscape as we’ve ever seen, Kayla DiVenere has all the potential and talent to push through the noise, on her way to the top. The future certainly looks bright for Kayla, as fans can see she’s only just scratched the surface of her musical talents, and will be looking forward to what comes next.









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