elijah woods – losing a friend

elijah woods – losing a friend

Multi-platinum award-winning artiste, elijah woods is here with his latest single “losing a friend.”

While coasting off the growing success of songs like “24/7, 365” and “last girl” featured in his most recent project, bright orange everglow, Toronto-based singer-songwriter elijah woods is still consistently creating, as his stellar new single “losing a friend” is finally available for our listening pleasure.

elijah woods is a multi-faceted pop artiste, producer, and recording engineer. Known for wildly catchy melodies, vivid lyrics, and an accessible production style, his music has since captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Experiencing unparalleled growth as an independent artiste, he has amassed over 250 million streams across his songs, and recently hit over 5.5 million monthly Spotify listeners. Inspired by the artiste’s personal experience, “losing a friend” captures the devastation that follows the end of a friendship.

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Emotionally raw and profoundly introspective, this latest release delves deep into the complexities of human relationships and the tumultuous journey of self-discovery. With haunting lyrics that resonate with honesty and vulnerability, the song captures the essence of grappling with imperfections and the weight of unspoken truths. Through a captivating blend of heartfelt melodies and raw emotional conviction, “losing a friend” is a reminder that sometimes, the hardest battles are the ones fought within ourselves. Every word comes off as a soul-baring exploration of love, loss, and the relentless search for closure.

The second verse is particularly striking, exploring the push-and-pull between parties, to simply attempt to communicate even as time has passed. In the midst of the sadness and confusion, woods shines through in his most visceral and most impassioned state yet. The instrumentation matches his vigor, organically building to a crescendo designed to blow the roof off an arena. woods, for better or worse, based on actual personal preference, intentionally structured this section to come directly after a chorus, with no breathing room between the melancholy and the explosive section.

There are those songs that grip you with their raw soul-baring lyrics and stirring delivery, “losing a friend” is one such song. The track is a bundle of raw power and complicated feelings, both internal and external. woods doesn’t often push himself close to the edge, but on this occasion, he allowed the full breadth of the moment to bring him there, and the results are extraordinary.

losing a friend” is out now!







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