Po Pollar – Grace

Po Pollar – Grace

Newcomer Po Pollar makes a big splash with his inspiring new track, “Grace.”

There’s certainly a new generation of singer-songwriters and producers, who make you feel all the feels, and that includes Nigerian music act, Po Pollar. His brand new single, “Grace,” beautifully encompasses how favor is needed to push us through the trials and tribulations, that life can lay at our feet. Po Pollar continues to master the art of wearing his heart on his sleeve when it comes to songwriting, a trait that’s been quite evident on previous releases.

Penned in the space of a week and produced within a month, “Grace” cuts across several genres, including gospel, due to its imagery, which can be perceived as seeking undeserved favor from God. Stemming from reflections over family travails, “Grace” is his confession about the overwhelming struggle of unending thoughts held inside. It’s the sort of song that will instantly light a fire in the heart of the listener, resonating on a deeper level for those with similar experiences, when dealing with family issues, majorly due to the authenticity captured within the lyrics. He certainly lays all his cards out on the table with this track, still uncertain of where that leaves him, but consciously seeking favor regardless.

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Sung in English and Pidgin, the track starts off with playful synths and a minor rhythm, as it sets up the perfect slate for Po Pollar to explore with his lush vocals. The song begins to pick up and gain traction as it approaches the pre-chorus. Properly set against a sparse but mesmerizing sonic backdrop, the music act reaches a new level of lyrical honesty and self-possession, an element fully reflected in his beautiful vocal work.

With an enveloping soundscape and an utterly magnetic production, Po Pollar uses the chorus to showcase his talent, putting together this section with enviable finesse. It’s honestly the best part of the song for obvious reasons, as the rising star expresses a lot of frustration at his present struggles. Ultimately, his warm vocals echo the song’s sense of unease and uncertainty, as if he really has nothing else to do, but sit in his own self-reflections.

Despite this, there’s an air of hopefulness— it feels fresh, as if repurposed from overthinking situations to cautious optimism. To conclude, the song demonstrates the kind of poetic songwriting capabilities that sees Po Pollar provide a glimpse into the potential profundity of his future efforts.


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