KBKStarboi – My Mind

KBKStarboi – My Mind

KBKStarboi hurdles towards stardom with the irresistible tune “My Mind”

Kelly Dolapo Okonkwo, known professionally as KBKStarboi is a fast-emerging Nigerian artiste, with whom lovers of Afrobeats will soon gain more knowledge about. Officially kickstarting his music career in 2019, the eclectic artiste has so far dropped a few singles and EPs.

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Taken from his most recent EP, “The Odyssey (Son of a Legend),” comes the upbeat and groovy smash, My Mind.” The track is a yearning gem about desire and how that special person makes all the lonely and sad times better. “My Mind” is rich with potent storytelling and welcomes more depth into the musician’s craft and the rich lyricism he uses to paint musical pictures with his work.

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The song flourishes subtle penmanship and moving melodies, but does so in an emphatic way. The track features dreamy electric guitar chords that partner perfectly with KBKStarboi’s endearing voice. His vocals are front and centre, as they dance around buoyant production, showing an edge to his sound that adds another notch in the belt of the multi-faceted star-in-the-making. The energetic instrumental paired with charismatic words generates that sound, which lovers of music will definitely appreciate. The track unravels the down and outs of a hopeful love including the flashbacks they inspire.

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One of the most rewarding elements of the track are the vocals and harmonies, sweetening an already gorgeous melody. He playfully bounces across the feel-good guitar rhythms, creating a cosy sensation at every break. Picking up the pace during the chorus, the singer still manages to keep the energetic vibe going. With it’s soothing yet flickering guitar lick lassoing you into the rhythm, do not be surprised if you find yourself grooving along to the light-hearted instrumentation.

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My Mind” is produced by Xondabeat, whose vocals can be heard during the chorus, as he sings in a low tone, “only you can tell, can solve what’s on my mind.” Xonadabeat does a great job at creating the beat for the track, but the same can be said for his work on the chorus as well, with that aspect arguably being the catchiest section on the song.

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Ultimately, KBKStarboi explores the feelings you experience with that special person and what exactly makes them special to you. His smooth vocals flow effortlessly and the track’s production is layered to perfection. Besides the pruning of pain that is felt, palpating on the song, the aspect of love is also on full display, sharpened by his memories of intimacy.

There’s a sincere inspection of his songwriting that reveals a relentless torment that can momentarily take any listener away from their own. If you’re not unto KBKStarboi yet, best prepare for glossy hooks to be in your ears for weeks. KBKStarboi crafts effortless-sounding songs and his latest offering is no exception.

KBKStarboi & Xondabeat joined us for a quick chat about their creative process and the inspiration for The Odyssey. Check it out with the video below!











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