Maisie Peters – Details

Maisie Peters – Details

Maisie Peters showcases her gift as a storyteller on “Details”

In an era with dozens of solid pop songs arriving every week, it takes a special artiste to make a meaningful connection and leave a lasting impression. Thanks to her emotional honesty, sharp wit, undeniable sense of identity and a flair for catchy melody, Maisie Peters undoubtedly qualifies.

Her track, “Details” is so heartbreakingly relatable, with the lyrics having a conversational feel to them. Backed by simple rhythmic guitar strums, Peters‘ voice shines here and you believe every word she’s saying. The lyrics are articulate and well thought-out with seemingly effortless delivery and vivid authenticity.

The track reflects on the end of a relationship, which has seen the other significant person moving on quickly, whilst you are left in the aftermath trying to pick up the broken pieces. She’s seemingly gifted in writing songs about relationships, love and heartbreak. And as long as they continue to sound this good, I’m sure no one will have any complaints.







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