Matilda – Jealous

Matilda – Jealous

Matilda’s “Jealous” is fresh and eargasmic

Norwegian singer Matilda first popped up on my radar a few months ago with her brilliant and ever catchy track, “Ghost.” The song on review today titled,Jealous,” is more upbeat than her previous single featured on the blog with a charming retro gloss to it as well.

The track is huge right from the start, with bright stabs of organ and sharp drums right up in the mix as Matilda shows she’s not messing around. Jealousis pretty minimalistic in its construction, a shuffling drumbeat paired with some simple keys, but that just gives her more space to make the song her own and she’s more than capable of occupying 100% of the spotlight. The slightly husky voice honed in folk-pop draws your ear immediately and when the chorus hits, it’s a real arms-in-the-air moment.

The track calls to mind Nelly Furtado’sI’m Like A Bird and Natalie Imbruglia at her poppiest moments. Who would have thought those green-eyed monster moments when you see your ex with someone else could be quite as celebratory and joyous as this. Matilda is still finding her way and floating between new styles, but as long as we keep getting songs like this, it really doesn’t matter that she keeps us guessing.







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