mehro – Hideous

mehro – Hideous

“Hideous” is the perfect introduction to mehro

Brilliant L.A based singer-songwriter, mehro, recently released his second single to date titled Hideous.” The song was written by the young artiste when facing a dark time in his life. The single is a unique one with mehro’s gorgeous vocals taking center stage. The lush guitar melody leads the production with a certain ethereal quality, which is quite subtle at the start, but develops into a wide range of sound. Beneath the moving lyrics and poignant guitar strums, mehro attempts to reach those who have struggled with their self-image.

Hideous is enrapturing. It is a breakout anthem of sorts for the newcomer and is essentially about the wave of self-loathing that accompanies the end of a relationship. mehro reveals the raw and the tender onHideous,” extracting something pretty but ugly at the same time.

All in all, it’s an expertly-constructed, emotionally-resonant track from an artiste with massive potential. It’s about time you give this rising talent a moment of your time by checking out his enchanting new piece, Hideous.”







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