Tamilore O.T.A – Crazy Times

Tamilore O.T.A – Crazy Times

Newcomer, Tamilore O.T.A, perfectly encapsulates the plight of living in modern-day Nigeria on intriguing track, “Crazy Times.”

One of the finest budding artistes Nigeria has to offer has released a compelling new single, titled “Crazy Times.Tamilore O.T.A is a fresh face in the music industry, looking to leave her mark in the game, and she seems to be on the right track, with her latest release, “Crazy Times,” serving up all the evidence needed to support this.

The Nigerian singer and songwriter is a Theatre Arts genius, using all the knowledge she has gained over the years to fully express the struggles being faced by the people in her country. Despite its ongoing and seemingly never ending challenges, the country, Nigeria is surprisingly still heralded as “The Giant of Africa.” From unreliable infrastructures to corruption, the country currently shines only through negativity, and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for its citizens, any time soon.

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Through careful observation, Tamilore studied the current difficulties of living in Nigeria, using her frustration to fuel and drive up her inspiration, as she penned down the single, “Crazy Times.” The track is an authentic and exquisite work of art, that will easily immerse listeners into the world she paints. There is an innate quality which the song possesses, permitting it to touch the souls of eager music lovers with its apparent contagious melodies, further enhanced by meaningful and impactful lyricism. Tamilore does incredibly well at capturing the essence and state of mind of the average Nigerian at this point in time, making the new release all the more relatable.

Crazy Times” is a pretty brief composition, with a total duration of just 2 minutes, 27 seconds. Despite its short span, Tamilore O.T.A effectively passes her message across, crafting a truly enjoyable listening experience in the process. The track is a down-tempo mix of R&B and Afrobeats that really kicks off once Tamilore’s soothing vocals come in. Her vocal quality is one of the best things about the song, bringing with it a calming aura, making “Crazy Times” a lot easier to digest.

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She goes off on the single, touching on the ever-rising fuel price, amidst other issues plaguing the country. Her penmanship is impressive, as she highlights the present factors hindering the nation’s growth, in a proper and catchy fashion. The chorus is another beautifully composed section of the song, with the rising act breezing seamlessly through the soft and gentle production.

There’s a brilliance behind the simplicity of “Crazy Times.” Tamilore uses clear lines to address various national problems on the single, and the soundscape is quite effortless as well, lacking any over-the-top contribution, which would most certainly have hurt the final product.

Currently, Tamilore O.T.A doesn’t have a lot of music out. Infact, “Crazy Times” is the only song available on her account across the digital streaming platforms, but judging by her delivery on this piece, we are surely yearning for more music from the budding music act, and we’re betting you’ll feel the same.


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Link: https://bit.ly/3PDmupl

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  1. Tamilore o.t.a let the world know a new sound of Afro r and B us about to bless your speakers ????????????????????

  2. My beautiful niece always loved to sing and entertain when she was young she would dress up and sing and rap with a pretend mic
    She has great talent and drive and she will succeed in everything she wants to do

  3. O.T.A has a distinct, unique voice, cool music, meaningful song, lovely song and keep me listening to it again and again.

    Believe it, crazy times………

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