Yoste – How It Was

Yoste – How It Was

Introspection is a big deal for Brisbane-born musician, Yoste

In case you’re yet to be acquainted, Yoste is a Brisbane-based producer/musician finding decent success internationally. The fast-rising Australian artiste has so far released two EPs, 2019’s “try to be okay” and 2020’s “A Few Brief Moments.

One of the standout gems from his latest EP is the dazzlingly beautiful and introspective track, “How It Was.” It’s one of his most relatable creations yet, with its piercing mid-tempo electropop sound on full display. Yoste’s sound falls into that subtle section where catchy pop hooks meet intelligent lyrics and a lush, ambient atmosphere that melds into a dynamic, singular sound.

How It Was” tells the tale of youthful disaffection and the importance of leaning on others around you to help navigate life’s potentially paralyzing ailments. Yoste is part of a new breed of pop artistes, be sure to get plugged to his enrapturing sound.









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