Katelyn Tarver – Somebody Else

Katelyn Tarver – Somebody Else

Katelyn Tarver reveals all on self-deprecating track “Somebody Else”

Up and coming singer-songwriter Katelyn Tarver hands us a tasty pop tune with her glorious track “Somebody Else.” As it is with all Katelyn Tarver songs, “Somebody Else” is a highly relatable piece, that focuses on the feeling of being unhappy with one’s personality and the desire to change.

The song features a euphonious chord progression with easy-going but hard-hitting sounds, that provide a nice contrast with her strong and clear vocal tone. The song speaks volumes on how sometimes in life, we can get frustrated with our behavioral patterns and we believe altering ourselves would make things a lot easier. But we all have to remember how unique we are and strive not to change who we are but rather try to be better versions of ourselves.

The track is honestly one of Tarver’s best releases and will easily connect with listeners. Be sure to check it out.










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  1. Somebody Else Katelyn Tarver Lyrics, Letra: Don t know what I wanna do tonight Sick of feeling like I m picking fights I get mad?at?almost everything No, I m?not the way I used to?be I just want someone to tell me that I m okay Yeah, I want someone to tell me that I m okay

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