Chenzo Keyamo – Anastasia

Chenzo Keyamo – Anastasia

Budding artiste Chenzo Keyamo sings for his lovelorn heart on latest release, Anastastia

It’s never easy to admit feelings of heartbreak. It takes even greater effort to pen down those emotions being felt and to put them in a song. Nevertheless, rising music act Chenzo Keyamo has displayed incredible courage in pouring out his pain on new single, ”Anastasia.” It’s an all too familiar tale, where a jilted lover feels aggrieved and begins to recount the tale behind the heartbreak.

Photo Credit: Chenzo Keyamo

The track starts with an infectious beat, that will instantly get listeners moving, as Chenzo narrates his present dilemma. Singing in English and Pidgin, he takes shots at her. Lyrics such as ”she don bleach body for Malaysia,” highlights the bitterness Chenzo felt, his disillusionment, as he now sees her as someone fake and insincere. He expresses his displeasure at feeling used by the person in question, which ultimately led to the sad, hopeless end of their relationship.

Chenzo certainly wrote the song to examine the dynamics of the heart, once the love affair falls apart. The track allowed Chenzo to get vulnerable, like on no record before. Within all the negativity, Chenzo aspires to show his true self, as that is how he relates to art. The vulnerability of his voice is enough to prove a heart’s existence, but sharp enough to cut it in two.

Photo Credit: Chenzo Keyamo

The production on ”Anastasia” is stellar and shows the importance of having great instrumentation and soundscape. On the other hand, his raw vocal prowess certainly needs a lot of work. There is hardly any flow or rhythm to his vocal expression, making it difficult for one to be fully immersed in the song.

Photo Credit: Chenzo Keyamo

Lyrically, ”Anastasia” is quite weak. The words don’t generate any sort of interest and ends up being a blemish on a potential hit. The chorus comes off as the track’s saving grace, with its catchy repeated lines. He conveys his frustration at the unfruitful showers of affection he gave ”Anastasia.”

Photo Credit: Chenzo Keyamo

Feeling like you’ve been messed around with is one of the worst emotions that an individual can experience. It’s a scenario a lot of us can relate to and helps to drive home the subject matter of the song. The beat continues to be consistent through out the entirety of the song, even towards the outro, where the vocals become muffled, adding a little variation to the composition.

Photo Credit: Chenzo Keyamo

Overall, ”Anastasia” is a welcome development from emerging act, Chenzo Keyamo. The rising singer needs to work on his penmanship, delivery and vocals, but this latest record is an encouraging installment to add to his discography.






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