Damii – Lagos Boys

Damii – Lagos Boys

Emerging music act, Damii highlights the lifestyle of the boys in Lagos on brand new anthem, “Lagos Boys.”

The spirit of Lagos state in Nigeria, continues to live on through the latest release, “Lagos Boys,” by up-and-coming artiste, Damii. On the new track, characterized by powerful drum beats, the emerging Nigerian music act celebrates the resilience and audacity of boys born and bred in Lagos, serving as a tribute to the streets, and the undeniable charm of “lagos boys.”

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Like seasoned navigators, these boys traverse the city’s labyrinthine alleys with a unique blend of street smarts and unwavering confidence. Their swagger is unmistakable, and their words flow like honey – a trait captured in the line: “Sweet for mouth pass e Asaro.” However, beneath the obvious bold exterior lies a tender heart. The penned lyrics intricately explore the romantic endeavors of a Lagos boy, unveiling his irresistible allure to a woman. His charm serving as a covert weapon, pulling her in like a moth to a flame.

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Damii’s lyrics resonate deeply, capturing the complexities of life in Lagos. He narrates a tale of unyielding affection towards a potential significant other, as he tries to save her from the saccharine lines of the boys of Lagos. Drawing from his experiences and cinematic influences, he envisions a narrative found in the city, where fake and seemingly heartfelt confessions reign supreme.

Photo Credit: @sniip3r_

Lagos Boys” showcases Damii’s sweet and undeniable knack for blending catchy hooks with introspective lyricism and melodies, a gift of his that continues to captivate audiences. Writing light-hearted music that is nostalgic and fun, yet maintains a slight edge, highlights the authentic nature of his work. The vibrancy of the track is credited to the acclaimed producer, P.Priime. His skillful touch breathes life into the song, turning it into an anthem for the city’s hustlers, dreamers, and lovers alike.

Despite its short duration, the new release serves as the latest testament to Damii’s dynamic talent, ability and relatable storytelling. The single is poised to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide, solidifying his status as a rising star in the music scene. With its infectious energy and catchy beat, the track has quickly become a favorite among Lagosians, embodying the essence of the city like never before. As the song echoes through the streets, it encapsulates the essence of Lagos – a city pulsating with contradictions, and an unyielding spirit.


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Link to Listen: https://bit.ly/4afb2tg

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