Julia Wolf – Resting B*tch Face: Part 2

Julia Wolf – Resting B*tch Face: Part 2

Julia Wolf tackles double standards with new anthem “Resting B*tch Face”

Our favorite rising new superstar, Julia Wolf has dropped a new single called “Resting B*tch Face: Pt 2.” The dazzling new track touches on the unfair projections being placed on women in the society, as Julia’s smooth delivery is meshed perfectly with the infectious production. The song is a flowing alt-pop gem that sees Julia getting truly honest about the way women are perceived.

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The emphatic composition was written by Julia and produced by frequent collaborator, Jackson Foote(who is one half of the talented duo, Loote). It’s a track that is surely personal and will resonate with women around the world. With Julia’s unique vocals and Jackson’s stellar production and instrumentation, the track certainly gives the listener something to look forward to.

Photo Credit: Julia Wolf

The introspective piece displays a reflection of Julia’s past experiences and comes through as a statement to those willing her to change. The rhythmic pop tune highlights Julia’s undeniable gift for songwriting and her to-die-for vocal range. Backed by her strong persona and relatable pop, Julia’s discography is filled with bops polished to perfection.

“Resting B*tch Face: Pt 2” features sharp electric guitar strums, making her vocals the focal point of the track. Julia Wolf is certainly an artist who knows how to be completely real and relatable. Her songwriting skills can get listeners to relate to her lyrics on a very deep level. With her amazing ability to create incredible tales along with her gorgeous vocal capability, listeners will find that she isn’t the typical artiste.

Photo Credit: Julia Wolf

The introductory lyrics “I got bad RBF, every guy I meet probably thinks I’m a bitch,” explains how Julia feels she has been perceived by her male counterparts. The pre-chorus gets a bit more personal as she sheds more light on her childhood with the lyrics, “I’ve never been the loud type, ‘til you meet my loud side, I just get so tongue-tied.”

Photo Credit: Julia Wolf

Growing up, one can tell that Julia was probably the shy kid at the back of the class, but it’s surely a different story now. A lot of girls can relate to being called unapproachable or shy, but they shouldn’t have to change themselves to please someone else.

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Accepting her insecurities and anxiety, the track finds Julia strongly declaring not to change for anyone. The society we live in naturally puts undue pressure on women, expecting them to fit into or play a particular role. Julia fights back those norms and takes a stand with the mesmerizing tune “Resting B*tch Face: Pt 2.” From the moment you listen to the track, you’ll know exactly why it’s on display today! 

Julia was nice enough to answer some questions about her origin, her goals and some of her previous hits. Take a look at the conversation below!


dareraphael: How did you come up with the name “Wolf?” & what’s your actual name?

Julia: I picked it because of my younger sister actually! Growing up she had an imaginary pet wolf. Every night she would say goodnight to me, then the wolf, and she still does it to this day out of habit. She’s my absolute world so I thought it would be a great name that had some meaning as well. My actual last name is Capello (means one strand of hair in italian lol).

dareraphael: Your Italian is so good, did you grow up or spend some years in Italy?

Julia: I WISH!! We went overseas here and there growing up, but until I was about five or six years old, my parents only spoke Italian in the house. My dad, who was born and raised in Italy, didn’t speak any English in the beginning of my childhood.  But my whole family is fluent so I kind of picked up things continuously. 

dareraphael: Love the fact your songs touch on different topics, do you push yourself to write about different things?

Julia: Not exactly. I really only write off what I know, and the things I’ve experienced. I like to focus on the small everyday pieces of life that get looked over, and highlight them for everyone to relate to! I enjoy writing about the events that have shaped me into the person I am now, or things that get me fired up in the moment because maybe someone underestimated or judged me too soon. Everyone’s been wondering why I don’t have any love songs but it’s really because that’s not my area of expertise, so I won’t write about it till it makes sense for me!!. 

dareraphael: Let’s talk about “Hoops,” the first line of that track is so inventive, how did you come up with it?

Julia: Thank you!! The line actually popped into my head as I was looking at my best friend. It came from a place of admiration for her, not so much lack of self esteem or wishing I could look like someone else. I just remember thinking wow, I’m so lucky to have this girl in my life, she makes me a better person.

dareraphael: “Hoops” has such a laidback and chill vibe to it, but what’s the inspiration for song & the title as well?

Julia: So everyday after class my friends and I would go play basketball at the court. We would show up in skinny jeans and platform shoes, almost never making a shot in. But we went there to talk about life, it was our hangout spot, our place to give each other advice.  So the title is actually quite literal! My friends are the inspiration, their honesty and kindness makes me feel so lucky that I wanted to write this as a sort of thank you to them.

dareraphael: Majority of your songs have a relaxed vibe to it, does that reflect on the kind of person you are as well?

Julia: One hundred percent. I grew up an extremely shy kid, the type who ate lunch alone everyday, and while I’ve grown out of it a bit, I still carry some of it with me today.  I think the music reflects the different sides of me that I embody. Some of them are relaxed and some are more fierce. But I always try to pull from my love of rap and bring those influences into my sound. 

dareraphael: Regarding “In My Way,” the beatbox intro was such a brilliant idea, where did it come from?

Julia: Thank you so much! So that was the actual voice memo I sent Jackson when I first showed him my idea for “In My Way”. Back then it was just another song I was sending over but when we eventually cut the vocals and finished the song, we thought it would be super dope to show how it all started. 

dareraphael: Love the Italian lyrics on “In My Way,” hope you keep on teaching us Italian through your music. It felt like you were sending a message to people on this track in particular. What was the origin of “In My Way

Julia: It’s based on a true story. One day I had noticed this girl unfollowed me but continued watching all my stories on instagram. It was such a weird coincidence that I had noticed but it made me feel uneasy.  Like why was she keeping an eye on me? Was she waiting for me to slip up? Is this because of a guy? That moment had me reflecting on many other times similar situations happened and I just felt like calling everyone out, and cutting people off. I won’t put up with any level of toxic behavior anymore, so I had to set the record straight.  

dareraphael: Onto “RBF: Part 2,” we honestly love how your tracks usually have peculiar titles. “RBF: Part 2” is certainly a peculiar one, how did you decide on that as the title?

Julia: I wanted something that would surprise people and have them understand the focus of the track right away. I feel like a peculiar title is always going to catch my eye over a safe one! 

dareraphael: Did anything in particular push you to write “RBF: Part 2?”

Julia: I’ve been told I have “RBF” my entire life, and how it makes people approaching me, or even new friendships, almost impossible. But what people don’t understand is where the “RBF” face comes from. So many girls can relate to being called standoffish or snobby when in actuality they’re just shy. I wanted people to understand that when I’ve got my head down not speaking to anyone it’s not because I’m a “bitch”, it’s just because I’m nervous! So I won’t be changing myself for the sake of someone else’s ego, not when I have my own anxiety to worry about. I just wanted to highlight my side of the story and be a voice for others as well. 

dareraphael: Honestly, your songwriting skills are immense. How did you get so good at writing lyrics?

Julia: This is such a compliment as lyrics are my utmost priority. I honestly treat songs like diary entries, I focus less on following a form or structure and more on what it is I need to say. Writing has always been a way for me to avoid confronting people face to face, which is obviously not my specialty, and for that it just feels easier. Now ask me to have a conversation with a stranger, and you’ll see me literally lose all my words in a matter of seconds lol. 

dareraphael: All in all, how has the journey as an artiste been so far for you?

Julia: The years before meeting Jackson were extremely rough.  There were hundreds of dead ends and countless hours of work that weren’t amounting to anything. But that first studio session with Jax changed everything. When the music I had always envisioned finally came to life, the journey did a complete 180 flip. Now the interactions with fans and feeling that love and support from them has brought me out of my shell so much. I’ve been giving 110% just trying to give as much as possible in return!   

dareraphael: What do you hope to achieve before the year runs out?

Julia: I hope to continue growing and developing my brand. It’s so important to me to be more than just someone on a playlist, but instead to be someone people can relate to. So, the most exciting thing I’m looking forward to is live shows! That is where I’ll really get to feel the connection to the audience that has been on this journey with me, and give back what they’ve done for me!

dareraphael: What pushes you to keep being an artiste?

Julia: I’ve never allowed myself to have a plan B. The thought of any other career or lifestyle would send me into a full on depression no doubt. Being an artist gives me the ability to share my message in hopes that it will help someone going through the same thing, and with the responses I’ve gotten so far, it seems to be getting across. As shy as I can be sometimes, connecting with fans has changed me completely for the better, and has encouraged me to be my truest self no matter who’s watching; that alone is the most motivating reality in all this for sure.    

Expect more gems from Julia Wolf, for now though, “RBF: Part 2” awaits for your listening pleasure!














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