Pale Waves – Easy

Pale Waves – Easy

It’s so “easy” to fall for Pale Waves’ latest single

“Loving you is easy.” It’s a line that’s repeated again and again by Pale Waves’ singer Heather Baron-Gracie on the band’s latest single, “Easy.” It’s also a sentiment that perfectly sums up the song because, without a doubt, it’s easy to love this synth-pop love anthem. The song is featured on their 11-track second album, “Who Am I?” and is described by Heather Baron-Gracie as “a song about how love can change your whole entire perspective on life itself.”

What the song “Easy” really embodies, is the optimism of late 90s/ early 00s pop. The chorus is perfect. Airtight, rising and falling with pinpoint accuracy. The range exhibited by Heather on “Easy” is insane, hitting ridiculously high notes with nonchalance and perfectly emulating the pitch and vocal dynamics for a top-notch pop-rock tune.

The track is a welcome blast of colour and energy with Pale Waves seemingly finding their sound. As a listener, it transports you to a warm, safe space, where it’s okay to revel in the magic of love and lose yourself to its wonder. It’s a familiar song that somehow gets better with each listen, certifying the fact that “Easy” by Pale Waves is a feel-good composition that should definitely be on your playlist.







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