Carlie Hanson – Back in My Arms

Carlie Hanson – Back in My Arms

Carlie Hanson will steal your heart with her dreamy pop tune “Back in My Arms”

Rising American singer-songwriter Carlie Hanson’s single,Back in My Armscaptures the infatuation and adoration she had felt towards a significant other. Her young, wild and free sound showcases deeply felt love, passion and liveliness, which can further be seen on her EP titled “Junk.”

The song, a pure pop slow jam saturated with trap beats and instantly catchy melodies, shows Hanson in a vulnerable state, as she looks back on the days of puppy love. The track has a more mature sounding production compared to some of her previous releases and it comes to life via propulsive guitars, a heavily stoned delivery and chantable hooks. With her unfiltered honesty and raw identifiability, Carlie Hanson turns pop into a four-letter word on “Junk.” Enjoy the track and do check out the EP.







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