Carlie Hanson – Hazel

Carlie Hanson – Hazel

The up and coming music star pens a pop tune for a lost friend

Carlie Hanson is the super loveable new pop artist, dripping in so much attitude and cool, you’ll instantly fall in love with her. She brings with her the kind of ambitious pop that will only continue to catapult her to the top. Hanson’s strength lies in her songwriting, in penning songs that are so intimate and personal. She supplies us with a full-bodied, super grown-up mid-tempo power ballad titled Hazel from her EP “Junk.”

The track can be said to be the highlight of the EP and it’s a song she wrote about a friend who was struggling with depression and mental health scares. The song is a somber piece with less focus on complex electronic beats and more attention to her raw vocals. The combination of the electric guitar and drums during the chorus generate a great sound, adding more soul to the lyrics and vocals.

All in all, the debut EP demonstrates her astounding maturity as an artiste. If you aren’t plugged in to Carlie Hanson yet, be sure to get familiar because she is about to join Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers as one of pop music’s newest stars.







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