FirstNameDane ft. Time of Man and Rich People – 40 Missed Calls

FirstNameDane ft. Time of Man and Rich People – 40 Missed Calls

FirstNameDane showcases his impressive versatility with a brand new sound on “40 Missed Calls.”

It’s been over a year since the critically acclaimed EP, “Day Trip,” was released by Ty Key. The absorbing project which featured artistes such as Sonny Sword, KIDtheGreat and Endo, as well as FirstNameDane, was a proper introduction into the world of Ty Key, and the talented music acts that collaborate with him. There was a cinematic and visual feel to that particular body of work, something that is surprisingly rare in today’s world of music. Needless to say, it’s a record that will go down as a major positive highlight on the discographies of all the creatives involved. That was in the year 2022.

Ty Key, Photo Credit: @wise_image

Now in 2023, Ty Key has teamed up with the newly created Time of Man, together serving as the producers for the new single by FirstNameDane, “40 Missed Calls.” Time of Man is the alt-pop solo project of Rob Rich, who was formerly the frontman of the band, Rich People, from 2015-2021. Apparently, Ty Key was the drummer for the now defunct Rich People, and with the band’s bassist, Conner DeMuro also lending an extra hand on this fresh track, it became a somewhat impromptu reunion of Rich People.

Time of Man, Photo Credit: @emilyy___ann

The song initially began as a remix to the track, “DNGRS,” by Time of Man, but took on a life of its own, as it was being penned. On “40 Missed Calls,” there is a strong departure from the production, soundscape and overall energy heard and felt on “Day Trip,” almost like Dane decided to completely abandon his former ideas, concepts and sounds, opting for a more alternative route. Despite the switch up in musical style, the production team still manages to come up with a gripping and intriguing creation, displaying their undeniable gift at crafting unforgettable sounds. It’s an ability they possess that will surely continue to open doors for them throughout their careers.

FirstNameDane & Ty Key, Photo Credit: @bybnca

40 Missed Calls” has a total duration of 2 minutes, 38 seconds, beginning with an electric-guitar-led intro, as Dane’s morphed vocals come into play. Drums casually stroll into the production mix about 13 seconds into the track, giving the soundscape a welcome boost and a much needed rhythm. As the song progresses, so does the production, with the infusion of faint bell chimes into the record, stamping the alternative direction of the new release. The overlapping vocals within the first minute of the song, slightly diminish the overall quality of the generated composition. At times, the approach might come off, but here, it just does not merge with the production.

FirstNameDane, Photo Credit: @bybnca

The track finally comes to life about 55 seconds into its runtime, with the cessation of Dane’s morphed and overlapping vocals. From here on out, it’s pure bliss. The clarity of his vocality is utterly soothing, finally connecting with the constructed soundscape. The production stays constant from this point forward, becoming one of the main positives for the track.

FirstNameDane, Photo Credit: @bybnca

Lyrically, the song is delivered from the perspective of an exhausted partner, fed up with a deteriorating relationship. Dane expresses his current frustration with lines such as, “I got 40 missed calls and I don’t plan on picking up at all.” He analyzes the situation, asking himself where he went wrong, and coming to the conclusion that his former lover, has basically turned into another song for him to write and sing about. Even with this recent revelation, there is still a somber undertone to the track, showing that this a process he’s still coming to terms with. Despite the current loss of the relationship, there’s a freedom attached to it, as Dane realizes and accepts, that he just might be better on his own. This is further established with the line, “in the mirror, that’s my bestie,” showcasing Dane’s brave and new found attempt at self-love.

FirstNameDane, Photo Credit: @bybnca

40 Missed Calls” will resonate strongly with listeners who have been in difficult situations, leading to the abrupt end of a relationship they once held dear. At the end of the day, the message is clear, “choose you.” It might be a self-centered approach, but sometimes it’s what is needed to get you back on the right track in your life, and it’s one which Dane is currently facing head on. “40 Missed Calls” might be a new path for all parties involved, especially Dane, but it’s one they end up flourishing at. We expect to hear more tracks with this new sound, and we’re certainly here for it.


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