Foxes – Kathleen

Foxes – Kathleen

Kathleen” is a deeply moving ode to Foxes’ grandmother

Southampton-native Louisa Rose Allen, known by her stage name Foxes, created the heart-warming tune “Kathleen” to honor her grandmother. “Kathleen” is a gorgeous song and a beautiful composition. Foxes explains on her Instagram page saying; “It was written about my grandma, Kathleen, who has always given really good advice, so on one visit I thought, ‘why am I not recording this?’”

The song begins with a soft but strong piano intro and a faint clap in the background, before Foxes’ structured but emotional vocals come through. The layers of sound slowly build up until the pre-chorus, where Foxes shows her range of vocals, from controlled low notes to powerful high notes. The chorus follows a familiar catchy and repetitive tune. After this build up from the chorus, the second verse follows the pattern of the first, but with more instrumentation, for a more rounded sound. The post-chorus can be seen as a personal message from the singer to her grandmother Kathleen.

The lyrics are super-poignant because of the granddaughter-grandmother relationship that is its focus. The chorus, in particular, with its memorable lyrics, “just go, be slow and you’ll figure it out,” is a mantra we all should follow in this COVID-19 era. The words of wisdom from Kathleen shared beautifully with us through Foxes’ song are not only sentimental and meaningful to the artiste herself, but also to us, the listeners. Its uplifting melody and impactful lyrics make it a powerful single and one that perfectly showcases what Foxes is all about.







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