Freya Ridings – Elephant

Freya Ridings – Elephant

Freya Ridings is simply an enchantress on “Elephant”

With her self-titled debut album, Freya Ridings has proved she’s more than worthy of the sudden influx of acclaim and adoration. Throughout the album, Freya’s hauntingly beautiful vocal inflection remains ever-present.

Her magical track “Elephant,” perfectly elevates the emotional sentiment that originates from Ridings’ timeless lyricism and jaw-dropping, astounding voice. The song’s heartbreaking lyrical view sees Ridings delve deep in a devastatingly delicate fashion.

Ridings’ unparalleled ability to authentically create a spell-binding song from moments of hopelessness and crippling isolation is highly inspirational and “Elephant” is just that, spell-binding.







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