Freya Ridings – Love Is Fire

Freya Ridings – Love Is Fire

Love is the fuel for Freya Ridings

Freya Ridings has a deft, delicate and devastating touch. This is quite evident from her top-notch debut LP, “Freya Ridings” which features gorgeously crafted melodies.

“Love Is Fire” is another dazzling tune from the amazing album. The track is a rousing declaration of love’s life-affirming power. The song has a lot going on, from the soft beat of the drums to the smooth acoustics. It perfectly shows off Freya’s fervent voice as it shimmers with so much soul. Her voice is truly elegant, with the song’s melodic potency fitting her vocal style, tying the song together excellently.

“Love Is Fire” is just one of the brilliant compositions from the fast-rising English artiste. Be sure to dive into the ethereal world of Freya Ridings.







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