Gabrielle Aplin – My Mistake

Gabrielle Aplin – My Mistake

“My Mistake” is a glorious comeback from Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin makes a huge comeback with her third album “Dear Happy,” she’s one of those few artistes whose EPs are just as good as her albums. Five years have passed since she released an album, but she never fails to deliver a musical project with deep lyrical meaning, excellent vocals and unforgettable choruses. On “Dear Happy,” the English singer-songwriter goes pop, but creates an album just as breathtaking as her previous projects.

My Mistake” is a personal favorite from the album. Here, she lets her guard down, while exploring being in a mental rut and trying to find the strength in her voice. It’s an emotional piano ballad that provides an open reflection on embracing your flaws. Her soft vocals intertwine with the swelling piano chords to create a sonically simple composition that truly allows the song’s powerful lyrics to resonate with the listener.

My Mistake” is the one track that sounds most similar to her previous releases prior to her third album, giving fans of her debut something to sink their teeth into. Listen below!







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