Maisie Peters – Best I’ll Ever Sing

Maisie Peters – Best I’ll Ever Sing

A songwriting genius at work, yet again

It’s safe to say Maisie Peters has established herself as a songwriting genius. She expertly writes genuine lyrics that take us on an exploration of events in her personal life. Very few artistes have the ability to tell a story as well as Maisie does. She continues to set the standard on a song that has to be one of her best releases to date, “Best I’ll Ever Sing.”

This piece starts off with beautiful but sad piano chords, merged with melancholic violin melodies as we hear the chorus playing out. The second verse incorporates the use of an instrument we usually hear on most of her tracks; an acoustic guitar. It comes in and flows so elegantly with the other previously laid-down chords and harmonies.

This is the musical arrangement we hear all through to the final chorus, where the song ends just as it started, with the piano driving the sad tune out of our reach. The track is about an ex whom she felt brought out the worst in her but also helped her write some of her best work. She has a thing for writing odes and this is more or less another one. Enjoy!







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