MUNA – Around U

MUNA – Around U

MUNA escape one-sided relationships on indie-rock track “Around U”

I don’t know why I love the music these ladies put out, maybe it’s the retro vibes their songs usually have or the deep meaning of the lyrics, whatever it is, they are certainly a talented trio. The track Around Ufrom their debut album,About U” shows us how first loves can be spiritual, earth-shaking and earth-shattering.

Vocal manipulations and radiant keyboards fill the atmospheric tune as the lyrics show the singer realizing that her love has drifted away from her, perhaps permanently. It has a synth-pop sound to it, pairing glimmering synths and guitars with the singer’s emotive vocals.

Around Umight sound like a sobbing ballad yearning for a former flame, but it’s an anthem that sets free the joy of romantic detachment. With their debut album, MUNA has created a record that’s undoubtedly going to stick around for a long while.







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