Siki – Ride or Die

Siki – Ride or Die

“Ride or Die” is the perfect introductory showcase for Siki

Siki is a rising artiste from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His track “Ride or Die” is a groovy composition that will make you either bop your head or stomp your feet. “Ride or Die” perfectly captures the trending sound in Nigeria, with Siki’s fresh and unique vocals floating over the melodic mid-tempo tune. It’s a style that can be compared to that of Joeboy, another emerging Nigerian artiste.

Nonetheless, Siki seems to have made this sound his own on “Ride or Die.” The production is smooth and vibrant as Siki’s vocals blend perfectly with the instrumentation. Lyrically, the song is focused on an individual who pleads with their love interest not to abandon what they have together.

Nigeria is home to a lot of talented artistes and Siki is certainly one of them. “Ride or Die” is a smashing tune from the up and coming music star. Be sure to join in on his journey to superstardom.







dareraphael: So happy you could do this with us. Thanks for making out the time. So, how long would you say you’ve been an artiste for?

Siki: I’ve been an artiste for 3 years now

dareraphael: Who or what inspired you to be an artiste?

Siki: I didn’t really take music seriously but after the release of my first song and how it was widely accepted in school, I got inspired to do more. Ric Hassani and my mom inspire me to do music and be a better artist

dareraphael: Moms are really the best! Do you happen to write your own songs or play any instruments?

Siki: Yes, I do. I write all my songs and I also play the guitar

dareraphael: Seems like you’re a Jack of all trades! What exactly would you say is the origin of “Ride or Die?” What’s the inspiration behind the song?

Siki: So a lot of my songs are inspired by the things happening around. They’re not really self experienced but are created from things I hear and others life experiences. “Ride or Die” is just a story of a guy assuring the girl he loves to stay with him

dareraphael: Nice!, who doesn’t love a good origin story. What plans do you have at the moment? Are there any EPs or LPs we should be expecting?

Siki: I’ve a full EP being worked on. It’s also done. I also have a video for “Ride or Die

dareraphael: Lovely stuff. Can’t wait to see the video! Finally, what’s the purpose of your music? What do you want people to feel when listening to your songs?

Siki: Most of the music I write is love related and inspiring too. My music should make people feel good and inspired, that they can achieve whatever they put their mind on doing. I expect them to be captivated by my voice and in the process get the messaged being passed.

dareraphael: Siki, thanks again for your time. We’ll definitely be watching your rise to stardom.

Follow Siki on IG & Twitter: @sikiboi

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